Back to School

Added on by Victoria Moore.

Well as usual I have managed to break my promise  of writing every week. Unfortunately during summer vacation my mind shuts off in favor of recharging my batteries and doing leisure activities. Despite my relative silence however, I did a lot of things in preparation for the upcoming semester and launching my thesis brand.

I attended both Anime Expo in LA and Otakon in Baltimore, where I was able to connect with tons of people and get some interesting feedback on my ideas.

I attended meetings at my local anime club and continued to use their feedback as a guide to where I should focus my efforts.

And of course I watched anime, searching for trends in viewing and exploring the various ways in which to the anime watching experience could be improved.

So what are the goals?

Well in the coming semester I'll be working on brand finalization and the development of the digital components (such as the website, streaming service)

My secondary goal is to actually post every week... That should be much easier now that I'm back in school... I'll actually have a schedule instead of going from one place to another!

Anyway, thanks much!