Click here to visit my portfolio!

Click here to visit my portfolio!

I'm Victoria. I love anime. There, I said it! I am a cartoon watching, Japan loving, pocky-munching anime fan, and I'm okay with that. But now that you know all that about me, I'll tell you about how I came up with this project.

When I moved out to Las Vegas, I was feeling pretty homesick... My room mate wasn't into anime like I was and my anime friends were all back at home. When I went to local convention just to take some photos for my project. Entirely by chance, I stumbled into a panel where a group of local guys and girls had created a physical anime club. Not just an online presence, but an actual club where they met, watched anime, discussed anime news and generally socialized.

After connecting with this group I realized that the problem wasn't our lack of services... It was our lack of a meeting place. We didn't have a space of our own. We didn't have a place where we could hang out whenever we wanted (and not have to worry about hauling folding chairs to people's houses).

Thus, Kurabu was born. An anime club with all the comforts of home. Over the past two years I've been exploring how to make this idea into a physical space where anime fans of all kinds can meet up, bring new friends, share with each other, and just be ourselves.

Thanks GenAnime, for all your support.