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It's amazing how fast time flies by when you're busy... In addition to preparing for Anime Expo (the largest Anime convention in the US), I have also been attempting to get a car!!!

But enough of the excuses. I promise to post every week and I've pretty much ignored you all for that last month which isn't cool...

So as an apology, here's a fun little website that I stumbled across recently!

Nerds and Nomsense is a geek culture website that appeals to retro-chic tendencies that most nerds have... A sketched out logo with a nod to the horn-rimmed glass that were once a symbol of nerds everywhere, the website features everything from articles on nerdy topics to DIY crafts and delightfully nerdy food and drink recipes...

Click here to visit Nerds and Nomsense!

Click here to visit Nerds and Nomsense!