Week 15 Progress Report

Added on by Victoria Moore.

Finally the end of the semester is here. It wasn't easy, and in a lot of ways it wasn't fun, but regardless, I learned a lot about myself and my craft. I've grown as a person and a designer and I'm proud of the progress that I've made and ultimately the quality of what I've produced. Thank you!

I started off confident. I loved my logo and figured that with the logo and most of the identity out of the way I would be able to focus heavily on prototype and quality promotional items. It wasn't long before I realized my confidence was ill-advised. My logo needed a lot of work and for weeks my brand and my entire project suffered.

Halfway through the semester I reached a breaking point. I had gotten let go from my brand new job; I was confused, depressed and didn't know how to take any of the criticism that I was receiving. Even though the criticism was helpful, I was only seeing it as personal attacks and for a couple weeks I felt like I was at a dead-end and that nothing I did was good.

By week 12, I managed to get myself back on track and decided to start at the beginning. I sketched and I looked at my keywords and I kept in mind that my tendency is to over think and over design.

It wasn't until week 13 that I finally settled on a logo, and then it was a matter of ironing out the rest of the style guide and all the other materials that I hadn't been able to finish. It was hard, I cried and there were times I wondered if I was even cut out for this. But in the end I did it. I produced something that I'm proud of and more importantly, I'm passionate about the project again. For a couple weeks I hated and resented the project, but truthfully it was myself that I was angry at for not being able to do what I knew I was capable of.

In summation, as hard as this semester was and as many times as I felt like the situation was hopeless, I'm thankful that I had people there to tell me that I was being dumbass and that I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and just do it. If it weren't for them, I never would have gotten everything done in time.

Click the image below to download the final presentation.