Module 08 - Trying Something New

Added on by Victoria Moore.

After trying Pixate I found that I was getting frustrated with the lack of layout tools that I've gotten used to in InDesign. That in mind, I tried going back to InVision, but found that what I was trying to do wasn't really working in Invision either.

So I did some digging and found out that InDesign has some surprising features that help create mockups and prototypes in the comfort of a desktop publishing software. **cue holy music**

So after tearing apart what I'd done and spending a good portion of my week refreshing my memory of making buttons and scripts, I managed to get something a little more interactive going. Once I get all the pages done, I think it will be worth the effort =)

Here is the link to the published prototype:

Kurabu Prototype

The Gazette - Cassis PV