Module 04 - Mapping everything out

Added on by Victoria Moore.

This week, I focused on mapping out my site so I have a rough idea of all the spreads that I'll need to do. In addition to this, I started exploring a visual language to apply across my restaurant system.

Over the summer, I had originally tried to make something plain, white and simple, but after looking at my printed ads, they're much more fun and colorful, so I've tried to apply not only that to the restaurant materials, but also an element of social engagement and interactivity.

To the napkins, I added a drawing project where people can draw their own Yonkoma (4 panel comic) and then share it to social media to get prizes. The chopsticks will feature trivia and "guess the character" games on the sleeves, and the coasters will have sections on the back to write in information to share with acquaintances.

I also started researching various ways to code my prototype and the two that I've researched are Pixate and Indigo Studio.