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So blogging. I've fought against it for years, but it looks like I can't run anymore! So what do I write here for the very first time huh? Well I actually found a link that will probably come in handy to me when I start creating the Beginner's Guide to Anime portion of the online hub. This list is one of many that's on the not-so-subtly named and is what the author of the site considers to be the top 50 anime series of all time... While there are some titles that I personally feel should be represented, this list is pretty darn good...

Having seen many of the titles listed, I can with very little argument agree that these titles for one reason or another belong on this list and would absolutely recommend anyone of them to any fan... Though I would probably add a recommendation not to watch certain series until a little further into your anime hobby... Neon Genesis Evangelion is a masterpiece of a series (even if I personally feel that it's crap) and speak volumes about familial relationships, societal shifts and workplace dynamic... And that's just the obvious stuff... NGE is a show that is best understood while depressed and drunk... I'm sorry, but it's true...


50 Best Anime Series of All Time

50 Best Anime Series of All Time